Bite me

Bite me
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In BITE ME! you get to follow five people who allare living in the city Arabella where humans and fangbearers co-exists.

The mysterious BRAEDEN KYLER who is not the first to reveal his secrets is bad news, but eighteen year old HALEIGH FREY doesn't care. She's looking for some excitement in her life, but she could never guess where her relationship with him would take her. LIA GABRIEL is finding that her relationship with her best friend Wesleyis changing, and on top of that, she has to deal with wampires being a threat to her life.

SHAILENE FOX is struggling with the laws of society, so she's deciding to bend the rules to her advantage. As a stepping stone to reach her goals, she befriends BENJAMIN K. LEWIS the son of one of the citys top lawyers. He tries to live up to the expectations while dealing with love and vampirism.

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